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Bypassing Bypass
By: Elmer Cranton, M.D. -- $12.95
The new technique of chelation therapy - a non-surgical treatment for improving circulation and slowing the aging process.

Politics in Healing The suppression and manipulation of American Medicine
     By Daniel Haley -- $19.95
Contains ten storie s of therapies that work, most of them for cancer, but which are not available to patients today because of political suppression. The book also proposes thoughtful solutions to the problem, including legislation to strip the FDA of authority to regulate products no more toxic than aspirin, and passage of the Access to Medical Treatment Act (HR 2365/S1955), which would give consumers the right to use safe but unapproved (by the FDA) drugs and devices.

The Real Vitamin & Mineral Book
By: Shari Lieberman, Ph.D. & Nancy Bruning -- $12.95
This second edition was written to help the reader get the most out of the vitamins, minerals, and other supplements available today. The authors provide guidelines for designing a personalized supplement program tailored to each individual - based on age, heredity, medical history, diet environment, and other lifestyle factors. They outline in a clear and concise manner which supplements to take and in what amounts for maximum health. It also covers many of the “newer” supplements on the market today, such as DHEA, melatonin, and coenzyme Q10. The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book gives real answers to pressing questions that can help the reader achieve better health and well-being.

The Thinking Person’s Guide to Perfect Health
By: Ron Kennedy, MD -- $19.95
This book details many of the approaches, treatments and major issues of “alternative” health care in an in-depth and highly readable way. It is highly recommended for anyone taking responsibility for his or her own health.

What To Do When the FDA Shows Up: A Practitioners Guide to Surviving an FDA Raid and Protecting Constitutional Rights
By: First Amendment expert Jonathan Emord, J.D. -- $20.00/members - $30.00/nonmembers
This booklet is full of invaluable, career-saving information which, if paid for by the hour in a personal consultation with an attorney specializing in FDA matters, would cost upwards of $500.00. It discusses in great detail what you can do if subjected to a visit by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, and how to protect your rights during an investigation.

Questions From The Heart
  By: L. Terry Chappell -- $10.95
This book is an easy-to-read comparison of EDTA chelation therapy and bypass surgery. It looks at why Americans spend $10 billion on unnecessary bypass surgery every year, and why more people are dying from heart medications than from automobile accidents. This book is a must for anyone with a heart problem; good to have in your waiting room.

Smart Nutrients
  By: Dr. Abram Hoffer and Dr. Morton Walker -- $9.95
Dr. Walker and Dr. Hoffer discuss how nutrients can be used to reverse senility and treat degenerative diseases. Smart Nutrients provides a detailed account of the most important breakthrough nutrients currently being tested. These nutrients include niacin and vitamin C, as well as minerals such as zinc, chromium, and many others each of which plays a crucial role in the maintenance of mental health and the treatment of specific diseases.

Lysenko and the Tragedy of Soviet Science
     By Valery N. Soyfer -- $22.50
This book explores how Soviet science was hindered by the ignorance and control of one man, Trofim Lysenko. It details the damage that can result from the US Food & Drug Administration's persecution of scientists in the United States. "A triumph of truth and scientific curiosity over suppression and adversity," says Robert Bartley, Editor, The Wall Street Journal.

What To Do When the FDA Shows Up: A Dietary Supplement Manufacturer’s and Distributor’s Guide to Surviving an FDA Inspection and Protecting Constitutional Rights
  By: First Amendment expert Jonathan Emord, JD -- $25.00/members - $30.00/nonmembers
This book reveals what supplement manufacturers and distributors can do to protect their rights and prevent problems when dealing with the US Food & Drug Administration. It also helps readers respond effectively in case of a raid.

What To Do When The State Licensing Board’s Investigator Shows Up: A Practitioner’s Guide to Surviving Board Investigations and Protecting Constitutional Rights
  By: First Amendment expert Jonathan Emord, JD --$20.00/members - $30.00/nonmembers
This career-saving handbook is a must for any complementary physician. Many physicians are uncertain of what their rights are or how to respond to requests from the Medical Board without compromising their rights. This handbook prepares you for potentially hostile board scrutiny because of your use of complementary and alternative therapies. It spells out what you can and cannot do during an inquiry and could prevent unnecessary expense and mental anguish. Don’t leave home without it.


Videos and Audio Tapes


Let Truth Be The Bias II


Writer/Producer Kevin Miller,
Executive Producer Julian Whitaker, MD
This video attacks many of the myths surrounding the work of alternative practitioners and examines the government’s role in suppressing the truth about the effectiveness of complementary medicine. Emmy-awarded-winning producer Kevin Miller filmed former FDA and government officials, scores of “alternative” practitioners, including Dr. Julian Whitaker and Dr. Warren Levin and their patients. He also reveals never-before-seen footage of the Arkansas State Medicine Board conspiring to attack an Arkansas MD who uses alternative therapies. This video truly documents those practitioners who are on the frontier of medicine and the obstacles facing them.

March 2, 1999 Telephone Conference on FDA Lawsuit: Pearson v. Shalala US Court of Appeals (Audio Cassette)


Details on the ramifications of this precedent-setting case are set forth by Jonathan Emord, JD, Emord and Associates, P.C., Candace Campbell, Executive Director, American Association for Health Freedom and Edward Hudgins, Ph.D., Directory of Regulatory Studies, CATO Institute.


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