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The Health Freedom Foundation was established in 1993 to serve as an advocate for health care freedom; that is freedom for consumers, companies and practitioners as well as state governments and policy-setting boards at hospitals, HMOs and health/medical organizations. Our goal is to maintain sufficient resources to allow us to bring lawsuits, file amicus briefs and help defend individual practitioners in an effort to expand the body of case law in support of health freedom. This freedom may be demonstrated by the:
  • unfettered dissemination of information about alternative therapies, dietary supplements, and complementary modalities;
  • ability of practitioners to freely use safe and effective, nonstandard therapies and diagnostic techniques;
  • ability of dietary supplement companies to make truthful, scientific health claims about their products in order to educate consumers;
  • ability of consumers to use and import products available in other countries of the world;
  • ability of states to reassert their Constitutional rights to regulate the practice of medicine, without further usurpation by the Federal Government.

It is surprising to some that there is even a need for this Foundation to exist. As Americans, however, living in a strong economy, decades from the most recent war, and years away from any serious inflation or unemployment, we have gotten perilously complacent about our freedom. We take it for granted in many arenas: free speech, civil rights, employment, education, privacy, and not the least of all, health care. But we shouldn't. The freedoms we have today were won, and they must be continually defended or one day we'll find that, in the name of consumer protection, data collection, and the advancement of medicine, they have been chipped away.

Every time we ask the Federal Government to assume responsibility or eliminate risk, we lose more freedom. Every time the government asks for the ability to collect more information or monitor additional behaviors, we lose more freedom. At the time, the request seems reasonable enough. The privacy of medical records, for instance, has been significantly diluted via the federal government's recent efforts to collect health care data. Medicare-eligible senior citizens no longer have the right to private contract with a physician. Other examples of freedom-reducing protection abound: In California, it is illegal for a physician to treat cancer with anything except chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. In several states, a dentist who removes mercury amalgam fillings in favor of a less toxic substance is at risk of losing his license. Physicians have lost their licenses for taking children off Ritalin, and for using nonconventional allergy tests. Children with inoperable brain tumors are being denied access to a drug undergoing clinical trials that has proven to be extremely safe and effective. In numerous states, parents who refuse conventional medical treatment for their children, in favor of an alternative that is safe and less toxic, are threatened with loss of custody, even when the side effects of the conventional treatment include stunted growth, retardation, deafness, and the increased risk of future cancer. What, you may ask yourself, is wrong with this picture?

The Foundation was established in response to this insidious, gradual degradation of our health care freedom. Please join us in our work to reassert the most personal, and perhaps the most precious of our rights as Americans - the right to health care freedom.

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