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The following web addresses are provided as a resource tool for visitors to our site. Inclusion in this list does not constitute an endorsement by the American Association for Health Freedom. AAHF is not responsible for the content provided at these sites, nor do we regularly review the material. Should you discover information that you believe is misleading or inappropriate for inclusion in this list, please feel free to let us know. We would appreciate your feedback.

General Resources

www.desktopspa.com - A database of over 200 brief audio and video programs called Daily Desktop Treatments providing consumers direct access to complementary and alternative medicine health interventions for a wide range of conditions such as stress, carpal tunnel syndrome and heart disease.
www.DoctorYourself.com - World's largest health homesteading website. Has an enormous amount of important information dealing with nutritional treatment of mental & physical disease.
www.internetwks.com -Toxic drug comparison to non-toxic alternative. Contains over 600 drugs that are likely to be prescribed by doctors along side the usually low-cost, non-toxic othromolecular alternative
www.mercola.com - Begin your journey to independent health! Top health stores and crucial health information. Receive free weekly newsletter.
www.dr-rath-research.org - Stop the global ban on vitamin therapies. Information concerning CODEX Alimentarius and other current health issues.
www.heall.com - A community for body, mind, soul, earth, and wellness resources.
www.naturalhealthlink.com - Provides natural health information, education, professionals, products, and services.
www.holisticstudies.org - A public dialogue and information organization dedicated to exploring the intersections of health, psychology, spirituality, and culture.
www.ahha.org - The American Holistic Health Association is a natural resource center connecting people with vital solutions for reaching a higher level of wellness.
www.selfgrowth.com - A guide to personal growth, self-improvement, and self-help.
www.altmedicine.com - Alternative Health News Online provides alternative, complementary, and preventative health news.
www.treatmentchoice.com - The Medical Defense Fund is a non-profit organization supporting medical research and physicians using non-mainstream research-based medicine.
www.wellweb.com - Provides information about alternative and complementary medicine, conventional medicine, and nutrition and fitness.
www.goodhealthdirectory.com - Search engine for websites about alternative medicine, wellness, and physical fitness.
www.alternativemedicine.com - Database of alternative medical information on how to get and stay well.
www.worldhealth.net -The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine provides information about life-enhancing, life-extending medical care.
www.herbalgram.org - The American Botanical Council provides information about the safe and effective use of medicinal plants.
www.acam.org - The American Council for Advancement in Medicine provides information for the better understanding of complementary and alternative medicine.
www.infinite.org - Source for healing and martial arts.
www.healthy.net - Health World Online provides information about self-managed care - healthy living, alternative therapies, body, mind, and spirit.
www.arxc.com - The Alternative Medical Connection is an online information service dedicated to medical freedom.
www.herbs.org - The Herb Research Foundation is a nonprofit research and educational foundation focusing on worldwide use of herbs for health, environmental conservation and international development.
cpmcnet.columbia.edu/dept/rosenthal/ - The Rosenthal Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine contributes to the informed research and practice of complementary and alternative medicine and fosters the development of a more comprehensive and inclusive medical system.
www.tldp.com - The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients provides medical information.
www.chowka.com - Peter Barry Chowka's most recent articles on health and alternative and conventional medicine.
www.christianity.com - This site's purpose is to serve, connect, and empower the Christian community.
www.canhelp.com - Cancer treatment referral and information clearinghouse.
www.supplementquality.com - A source for information on dietary supplement quality.
nccam.nih.gov - The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine conducts and supports research and training and provides information about complementary and alternative medicine.
vicus.com - news and information about alternative medicine
holisticmed.com - news, articles, research, conference and web site listings, bookstore, disease and disability resources
americanutra.com - web site of the American Nutraceutical Association; including consumer and practitioner information; educational materials on the technology and science of nutraceuticals; natural medicine database; educational programs.
naturalhealers.com - a prospective student resource and guide to schools for massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, homeopathy and more.
www.pharma-lexicon.com - Database of over 28,000 medical abbreviations and acronyms; 30 million scientific articles; list of conferences world wide; pharmaceutical companies.
www.orthomed.org -- a wealth of information about orthomolecular medicine, including links to related organizations, resources, research, orthomolecular centers, conferences and publications.
www.dr-rath-research.org -- information about disease prevention, Codex Alimentarius, news and publications; this complements the information on his other site, which is located at http://www.DrRath.nl


Disease/Condition/Therapy Focused

www.arthritistrust.org - Provides information about how to get well from autoimmune and collagen tissue diseases.
www.burzynskipatientgroup.org - This site is maintained by current and former patients of Dr. Burzynski.
www.cancermed.com - The Burzynski Research Institute is conducting FDA-authorized clinical trials of antineoplastins in treatment of cancer, HIV infection, and autoimmune diseases.
www.americhiro.org - The American Chiropractic Association provides leadership in health care and a positive vision for the chiropractic profession and its natural approach to health and wellness.
www.drlowe.com - Provides information about fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, and thyroid hormone resistance.
www.JohnDommisseMD.com - Discusses issues pertinent to chronic health problems, especially hypothyroidism and hormonal and nutritional deficiencies.
www.ralphmoss.com - Provides information on alternative and complementary cancer treatments.
www.roadback.org - Provides information about rheumatic disease.


www.citizenshealth.org - California Citizens for Health Freedom is a grassroots advocacy organization committed to protecting and expanding consumer natural health choices.
www.forhealthfreedom.org - The Institute for Health Freedom wants to educate the public about personal health freedom.
www.fda.gov - US Food and Drug Administration
www.allpolitics.com - Political news.
thomas.loc.gov - Legislative information.
www.DrRath.nl - Provides natural health information.
www.healthlobby.com - Provides information about state health freedom campaigns.

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